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There is now a Mac OSX driver for Creative Soundblaster cards. This is a milestone in the history of the Hackintosh community. The creator of the driver: Eugene Gavrilov.


screen isnt readable

hope i can get an answer here faster than trying elsewhere.

i had a friend install OSX 10.4.8 on her Dell Dimension 2400 PC. thing is that the DVD she downloaded was not JAS like i have. not sure what the name of it was. but it was for Intel SSE2 and AMD.

i tried talking her thru the installation by phone cause she lives a far distance now.
she said when she loads up the DVD that once she gets to the OSX interface that it comes out all pixelated and she cant read anything on the screen. 
i was able to get her thru the installation , i believe she did it the right way. when it was finished, she restarted the comp and says she sees the boot screen with the grey background and apple logo in the middle. but that thats all she sees. yet she hears the welcome screen music playing and then the thing starts talking to her about the keyboard and voice over features and i dunno what else but she still only sees the grey screen.
the video memory of her built in intel video card was listed as 64MB in Windows XP, so it shouldn't be that her video card is too old.

any suggestions as to how to remedy this?

i havent come across this problem before in any of the installations i have done of OSX86 on my Dell Dimension 4400 PC.  and her Dell has higher specs than mine.

and its kinda difficult to instruct her to do things on the phone, especially since i dont have the comp in front of me.

Soundblaster question.

I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. I've been reading a few scant rumors on the internet that claim some people are independently trying to create a Mac driver for the soundcard. Does anybody know if the driver has been completed? It would be nice to use my soundcard again.

Other than that, OSX86 kicks ass!

First post!

Welcome everyone to osx86help! I figure it's only fair to give a quick list of my favorite sites to get started on the path to dumping Windows. Feel free to add your own!


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